Cairn Loan Investments LLP & Cairn Loan Investments II LLP

Cairn Loan Investments LLP (“CLI”) is an independent UK limited liability partnership established by Cairn Capital in 2014 to build on its successful CLO management business.

Following the end of CLI’s investment period in 2018, Cairn Capital established Cairn Loan Investments II LLP (“CLI II”) in 2019 to facilitate the continued growth of the successful CLO management business.

Overview of CLI and CLI II

CLI and CLI II are authorised by the FCA as MiFID investment firms which:

  • In their capacity as sponsor, are the collateral manager for European CLOs and supporting warehouse arrangements brought to market by CLI and CLI II, respectively (“Cairn CLOs”)
  • Invest in the most junior tranche of notes issued by Cairn CLOs and commit to hold those notes for the duration of each Cairn CLO
  • Provide capital to support warehouses for Cairn CLOs while portfolios are being ramped prior to closing
  • Collectively manage Cairn CLOs with total AUM of €4.3bn as at 31 March 2022