What we do

Asset Management

Cairn Capital’s asset management capabilities cover all aspects of credit.

We combine our experience across credit products with a strong emphasis on fundamental research, technical analysis and robust risk controls, to build value.

We manage underlying assets in the form of corporate bonds, ABS, loans and credit default swaps. These range from investment grade to high yield rating categories.

Our portfolio management expertise spans pooled investment funds and segregated managed accounts. Additionally, we have been appointed replacement manager in third party transactions.

In each case, we deploy our competitive advantage: our fundamental credit understanding, structural knowledge and technical capability.

Fund Management

Cairn Capital currently manages:

  • A long/short structured credit fund
  • A multi asset credit fund
  • A commercial real estate debt fund
  • A subordinated financials fund
  • A European loan fund

Managed Accounts
A number of absolute return segregated mandates across credit asset classes for institutional investors

Fundamental credit understanding
Structural knowledge
Technical capability

Investment Advisory and Restructuring Services

Cairn Capital provides independent investment advisory and restructuring services with the aim of exceeding our client’s expectations.

Our teams have advised on transactions including:

  • Leveraged loans
  • Structured investment vehicles
  • Real estate
  • ABS
  • CMBS

In addition, we have been involved in restructuring transactions including:

  • Structured investment vehicles
  • CMBS
  • Corporate debt

In everything we do, we apply extensive product structuring knowledge, work-out experience and a fundamental understanding of the credit and legal environment.